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Anaheim is the most populated city in Orange County, California.  According to the U.S. Census, the population of Anaheim in 2019 was 350,365.

Anyone who lives in or drives through Anaheim, CA already knows that accidents involving trucks (semi trucks, commercial trucks, moving trucks, business trucks, 18-wheelers) are a common occurrence.

Below are some truck accident statistics gathered from various sources that include the total number of accidents, number of injury accidents, number of fatal accidents, types of accidents, cause of accidents, and the day and time of accidents.

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Anaheim, CA Truck Accidents - 2019

Overall Anaheim, CA Truck Accidents

  • 78  
  • Total Victims  4 killed & 95 Injured
  • State Highway 65 (83.3%)  
  • Ped Collisions  1 (1.3%)  
  • Motorcycle Collisions  4 (5.1%)

How many injury truck accidents are there in Anaheim, CA?

In 2019 there were a total of 78 injury accidents involving trucks with 95 people reporting injuries.

How many fatal truck accidents occur in Anaheim, CA?

There were 4 fatal trucking accidents in Anaheim in 2019.
Anaheim Trucking Accidents
Collision Severity
1 – Fatal45.13%
2 – Injury (Severe)56.41%
3 – Injury (Other Visible)2329.49%
4 – Injury (Complaint of Pain)4658.97%

What are the most common types of truck accidents in Anaheim, CA?

In 2019 the most common type of truck accidents in Anaheim were rear end accidents with 39 or 50% of total accidents. Sideswipe accidents were the second most common with 26 or 33.3% of all accidents. Other types of accidents include: broadside (4), hit object (4), head-on (4), vehicle/pedestrian (1), overturned (1).
Type of Collision
A – Head-On33.85%
B – Sideswipe2633.33%
C – Rear End3950.00%
D – Broadside45.13%
E – Hit Object45.13%
F – Overturned11.28%
G – Vehicle/Pedestrian11.28%

What day and time do the most truck accidents occur in Anaheim, CA?

Most truck accidents occured on Thursdays between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Daily morning and afternoon rush hour is when most accidents tend to occur in Anaheim.
Day and Time of Anaheim Trucking Accidents

What are the most common causes of truck accidents in Anaheim, CA?

In 2019 the most common cause of auto accidents by far in Anaheim was "unsafe speed" accounting for 34 or 43.59% of total accidents. Unsafe lane change was the second most common cause resulting in 14 or 17.95% of all accidents. Other causes of accidents include: improper turning (11), traffic signals and signs (2), driving under the influence of alcohol DUI or drugs (7).
Causes of Anaheim Truck Accidents
PCF Violation
00 – Unknown56.41%
01 – Driving or Bicycling Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drug78.97%
03 – Unsafe Speed3443.59%
07 – Unsafe Lane Change1417.95%
08 – Improper Turning1114.10%
09 – Automobile Right of Way33.85%
12 – Traffic Signals and Signs22.56%
16 – Other Equipment11.28%
21 – Unsafe Starting or Backing11.28%

Where are the most truck accidents in Anaheim, CA?

As can be seen in the map below the majority of car accidents in Anaheim in 2019 were on or near the 91 Freeway and clustered near Disneyland. The numbers in the map pins denote the number of accidents in that area.
Anaheim Truck Accident Locations

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