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Product Defect News

Hoverboard Accidents on the Rise

Hoverboards have been one of the highest-selling items since this past holiday season. Everybody wants one and they are everywhere – in parks, on the beaches, in shopping malls, and on basically every major street in Southern California. They are …

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What To Do If Your Car Is Recalled

We’ve all seen the flood of news about auto safety recalls: Honda for air bags, Jeep for brakes, General Motors for faulty ignition switches. But what if one of those recalls involves your car? More and more Americans are having …

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167,427 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Possible E. Coli Bacteria

A Nebraska meat supplier is recalling 167,427 pounds of beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli, the United States Department of Agriculture announced Sunday. The ground beef was produced by All American Meats, Inc., in Omaha, Nebraska, and …

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I Was Injured By Taking a Prescription Drug In California, What Should I Do?

An injury or death caused by a pharmaceutical drug might be compensable under the law of product liability. Like other product liability cases, those involving pharmaceutical drugs have their unique issues though. Product liability claims in California involving these drugs …

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Women Killed on I-5 Freeway by 18-Wheelers in Avenal, California

Avenal, CA — On Monday, March 17, 2014, there was a major collision between two 18-wheeler trucks and a minivan along I-5 freeway.

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