Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are not guaranteed safety, even if they are wearing helmets and are obeying the laws of the road.

In the state of California, an average of 139 cyclists die every year, perhaps because in the city of Los Angeles alone less than 1% of streets are safe for bikes. Biking is growing in popularity, both for fitness reasons and as a mode of transportation, and liability in bicycling accidents can fall in a variety of places.

So if you or a loved one are in a bicycle accident it is vital that you work with the best personal injury attorneys in California. Determine which scenario below sounds most like your biking accident, and then call us for help and assistance.

Common Bicycling Accident Scenarios:

Biking accidents can be caused by negligent drivers, negligent bike rides, negligent pedestrians, and even poor road conditions. Establishing liability can be difficult, so understanding the details of what you experienced will be very important. Below are examples of several types of biking accidents that you may have experienced.

A vehicle was at fault. If you were obeying all of the laws of the road, and a negligent driver struck and injured you, then the liability falls with the driver. This is a very common type of biking accident in Southern California.

A pedestrian was at fault. If a pedestrian suddenly steps into a biking lane or runs in front of a bike, they can cause significant accidents and be held liable.

Another biker was at fault. Bikes have to share the road with each other in the same way that they share the road with cars. If another biker swerved in front of you or did not signal a turn, they can be held responsible for the resulting accident.

Road conditions are at fault. If you suffered a personal injury after crashing on your bike due to poor road conditions like loose gravel or potholes, you may actually have a case for suing the city.

Multiple parties are at fault. Oftentimes accidents are the result of mixed negligence. Maybe you didn’t signal an upcoming turn and a pedestrian was not paying attention and stepped into your path. In these situations, damages may still be recovered, so call us with the details of your accident.

Legal Tip:

Many bikers do not have proper lights on their bike for nighttime riding. Failure to light your vehicle properly can result in a multi-fault situation.

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